About Baler Options

The head office of Baler Options Ltd is based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. From this central location we manufacture our range of original baling and compaction equipment, and refurbish used machinery back to top condition. Complimenting this site is a national network of service engineers who ensure you receive the greatest possible product support available.

The service that Baler Options provides is based upon more than 25 years’ experience within the Waste Management and Recycling industries. The expertise we have accumulated in managing our own business waste, along with our specialised research into disposal and recycling methods for use by all businesses, gives us extensive knowledge in this arena and helps us to design the best waste management systems possible.

Our aim is to ensure that your organisation recycles as much as financially possible by using the most reliable and suitable equipment.

Baler Options always undertake any task with your co-operation and information about your needs, such as the types of materials to be recycled and your current waste disposal costs, along with a detailed waste survey. Subsequently we will provide you with a detailed recommendation to suit your requirements and budget.

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