Eco Range

Eco Range of Vertical Balers

The Eco Range, designed and manufactured exclusively by Baler Options, is designed to fulfil basic baling requirements while emphasising ease of use and value for money. Intended as an entry-level “no-frills” product line, our Eco machines are lightweight, operationally friendly, and easy to maintain.

Along with vertical balers, this range also includes specialised machines such as bin presses, and crushers capable of handling steel drums and appropriate quantities of glass. Each machine is energy efficient and has a small physical footprint.

User-friendly Economical Balers

All equipment in this range is available via our trademark acquisition options: outright purchase, short-term hire, lease purchase, or simple rental. Each option comes with a full warranty and can be trialled for 14 days without obligation.

Select a baler from below to view its images and specifications. Alternatively, please contact us with your requirements.

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  • Eco_60_HD_1

    Eco 60 HD

    This compact machine will create bales of around 60kg

  • Eco_70TC_3(1)

    Eco 70TC

    One of our most popular small balers, this machine will create bales of around 75kg

  • Eco_150_2

    Eco 150

    This machine will create bales of around 150kg

  • 200 Multi open

    Eco 200TC Multi Chamber Baler

    Our largest twin chamber machine, this baler will produce bales of around 200kg

  • Eco_250

    Eco 250

    This mid size machine creates bales of around 250kg

  • Eco_450_2

    Eco 450

    This mill size baler will create bales of around 400kg

  • Eco_550_2

    Eco 550

    This mill size machine will create bales of around 500kgs

  • Eco_650_1

    Eco 650

    Our largest vertical baler, this machine will create bales of 550kg+ and is ideal for large and bulky cardboard

  • Glass_Crusher_3

    Eco Glass Crusher

    This machine safely crushes and reduces the volume of glass bottles

  • Drum_Crusher_2

    Eco Drum Crusher

    This machine crushes 205ltr and other drums into much smaller discs