Bin Lift Systems

Bin Lift Systems in the UK

Baler Options carry several bin lift systems for use with compactors and various other applications. These machines are great for assisting with waste disposal – they are designed to lift heavy bins to allow material to be emptied into skips, glass crushers, and other large waste management equipment.

Baler Options are dedicated to creating complete waste management solutions for all our clients. Whatever your requirement may be, we can create a perfect solution for you. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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  • high-lift

    High lift tipper with anti scatter hood

    The high lift tipper with anti-scatter hood is designed to tip waste material such as flour into large waste containers.

  • Bin-Lift-Sytem_2-340x300

    HD Mobile Tipper

    The HD mobile is a great versatile tipping system most common utilised when tipping waste bins or containers into open top skips.

  • traversing-tipper

    Traversing tipper

    The traversing tipper is a great way to tip your waste bins or containers into larger waste skips.

  • 120L_bin_lifter

    Eco 120 & 240ltr Bin Lifter

    The Baler Options Eco Bin Lifter is specially designed for 120 litre and 240 litre 2 wheeled bins and can lift up to 150kg.