Glass/Can Crushers

Can and Bottle Crushers in the UK

The machines on this page are specially designed to crush aluminium cans and steel bottles.

Can and bottle crushers are extremely useful for breweries, pubs, and other institutions that produce large amounts of glass waste. Traditional glass and can disposal can become very time-consuming and messy as it requires each item to be decanted, but our can and bottle crushers are fully equipped to handle the job themselves. All liquid is drained into an affluent drain or sump, and the material is crushed down to less than a quarter of the space it would normally occupy, saving on man hours and collection expenses.

All machines from Baler Options are available through our usual purchase routes: you can purchase your crusher outright, lease it over an agreed period, rent it from us for 12 months, or simply hire it as required. Each option comes with a full warranty and you can even take a two-week trial with no obligation!

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  • t500

    T500 Glass & Can Crusher

    The T500 is designed for a small to medium through put of 2 tonnes per hour, making a more cost effective option for smaller businesses.

  • t1000

    T1000 Glass & Can Crusher

    The T1000 is a heavy duty machine designed mainly for breweries and drinks manufacturers the T1000 Glass Crusher dramatically reduces the volume of waste glass by 4:1.