RP 7700 Jumbo Rollpacker

RP 7700 Jumbo Rollpacker compacts wooden boxes, pallets and bulky waste or recyclable materials of all kinds. Whilst the compaction is in process, you carry on filing up the container.

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Fast Delivery across the UK

Quality Bailing Consumables

Quality Bailing Consumables

  • Increasing of support frame by 400mm, for operation in container up to 3.100mm
  • Automatic lifting of drum on completion of programmed compaction time
  • Single-pointed lubrication system to grease cranked arm and pendulum arm
  • Automatic greasing system PERMA, 4 greasing points on cranked and pendulum arm
  • Central lubrication system 230 V
  • Remote control with 5m cable in addition to standard control panel
  • Hydraulic power pack and control panel mounted on right side – seen from frame to drum
  • Set for fixing RP on ground
  • Drum for cans
  • Drum with teeth similar to pyramids
  • Special equipped drum incl. cleaning device
  • Drum stripping device
  • Hydraulic oil heating, thermostatically controlled
  • Limit switch to stop the machine after the drum has been lifted
  • 75% full signal for container by limit switch
  • 100% full signal for container by limit switch
  • Phase reverser 32 A
  • Phase reverser 16 A
  • Special RAL paint

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