Screw Compactors

Screw Compactors in the UK

Baler Options Ltd provide a selection of screw compactors to complete our range of compactors and baling machines.

Screw compactors are designed for efficiency. They typically achieve a 60% higher ratio of waste compaction than standard ram compactors and make thorough use of container space. On top of this, screw compactors have a very small footprint and operate much more quietly than many other waste compactors.

When purchasing a screw compactor from Baler Options, you can choose to buy it from us in one go; lease it from us and pay over an agreed term; rent it over a 12-month period; or choose to just hire it from us. You can also take advantage of a 14-day trial period at no cost.

View more information on each screw compactor below. If you have more specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • hd

    HD Bulk Screw Compactor

    The HD Bulk screw compactor has all the great features of the standard HD Screw Compactor but on a larger scale.

  • high-lift-screw

    High Lift Screw Compactor

    The High Lift Screw compactor from Keljay is unique to other screw compactors on the market.

  • Enclosed screw compaction system

    Fully Enclosed Screw Compactor

    The Screw Compactors we supply are designed for whisper quiet operation on minimum floor space.