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  • IMG_1371

    Bale-Lock Plastic Baling Wire

    BALE-LOCK can be used to secure RDF bales produced from fully automatic baling machinery.

  • high-lift

    High lift tipper with anti scatter hood

    The high lift tipper with anti-scatter hood is designed to tip waste material such as flour into large waste containers.

  • Bin-Lift-Sytem_2-340x300

    HD Mobile Tipper

    The HD mobile is a great versatile tipping system most common utilised when tipping waste bins or containers into open top skips.

  • traversing-tipper

    Traversing tipper

    The traversing tipper is a great way to tip your waste bins or containers into larger waste skips.

  • hd

    HD Bulk Screw Compactor

    The HD Bulk screw compactor has all the great features of the standard HD Screw Compactor but on a larger scale.

  • high-lift-screw

    High Lift Screw Compactor

    The High Lift Screw compactor from Keljay is unique to other screw compactors on the market.

  • kp14


    The KP 14 portable compactor is a straight push machine that offers high compaction within a small footprint.

  • kp-32


    Our KP 32 portable compactor is ideal for larger waste throughputs, also a straight push machine.

  • kpw-14

    KPW 14

    Perfect for wet or moisture rich waste this paddle type machine has great compaction force.

  • kpw-32

    KPW 32

    Our largest wet waste portable compactor the KPW 32 is suited to wet and moisture rich content on applications where waste output is high.